Information Search Methods

Direct URL Search

Subject Directory Search

Search Engine/Sitemap







Information Search Method

Direct URL Search "Somebody recommends you that the URL or the website is good, so they tell you to type..and <Enter>"


Standard - URL:

Website -

Short-form -


We split the short-form into 3 id codes

title : s-one

domain : .net (broadband network)

country code: .sg means registration in Singapore





Information Search Method

Subject Directory Search – "Nobody knows the URL or the website, they say that at that Country and the Subject is.."

Yahoo! at that Country - (S'pore), (Asia), (Australia), (United Kingdom/Ireland), (India), (USA)

Search Box - Type - Subject <search>

Search Results - Web Pages Click

Choose Possible List - Click




Use Method : Subject Directory Search

(a) look for entertainment
(b) my favourite actors/actresses




Information Search Method

or "nobody knows the URL or the website, at the search engine helps you to scan for your requested information that you type, sitemap navigates you directly to the information…."

Search - Type - Subject <search> or

Click – Your Choice




Visit Monash University
in Australia


Use Method / : Search Engine/Sitemap

(a) how old is the school (History)?

(b) what is the contact number to call to the University Campus in Malaysia?




e-mail : Sharing of good information


Dear Class,

We recommend to you information about Multiracial Names whose ancestors hailed from Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Middle East, China and India: (All) (Chinese)


Please e-mail and share to your group friend(s) about the website of where you find the good information.

Write a letter and Send.

At the <Header> type the following,

To : Email Address of Your Friend Besides Subject : What is in a Name
Cc : Bcc. :

At the <Body text> type the message,
Dear Your Friend’s Name,

My recommendations at *www.???.com/, and my comments.

Sign, your name.

*Copy & Paste technique





Free e-card : Yahoo! Greetings






Project : Migration to Australia

Dear Class,

To migrate to Australia, you must know the migration procedure and fee structure.

Use method, are you able to find out migration and visa information? Can you find out about the visa fees?

Use e-mail system to recommend your friend about the website. Are you able to also attach pictures or documents?



Step-by-step Approach

method : Subject Directory

Subject Search : migration and visa

Directory Search : choose list of websites

Best Choice :


Find out the Visa Fees for Individual and Business Migration.



e-mail system

your id and password to your web-based email at


a. Write or a letter

To :
Subject :
Australia migration and visa and attached pictures
Cc : Bcc. :

at the <Body text> type:
Dear myfriend1’s Name,

For your information about your request, and the fees for individual is A$1,300 and for business is A$3,600 respectively.

Best Wishes.

Sign, your name.


b. File Attachment Add/Delete Attachments document(s)



Step 1 : Browse for ***.jpg, Open

Step 2 : Attach File


<Repeat Step 1 & Step 2> until Maximum of 3 Pictures

Step 3 : Done

c. Send your email .

d. Check Mail or for failure delivery error message (just in case).



Are you able to view your own picture files from Australia?


If you want to download pictures and save them to your computer, what must you do?



Download File


download in progress





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