Who Are You? Skills/Knowledge/Attitude

Level 0 : no Computer or have Computer but never use before.
Level ¼ : have Computer, touch last time but not very sure.
Level ½ : have Computer at home, in office, want to learn more about Internet
Level ¾ : Know Computer, have Computer, but want some more.



What is Expected of You?

It’s Easy & Fun The attitude of learning by exploring, no right or wrong, free of making mistakes, never give up.

It's Useful - If the information you have found can enrich your knowledge, then you would have discovered a new journey of learning.

Discover your potential with I.T. – The journey to your destination, by searching, by making mistakes, until you reach your location, sometimes difficult, sometimes easy.



What are the Internet Skills and Attitudes?

Internet Skills - using the to click, the to type, and the methods for information.

Internet Attitudes - browsing and searching, accepting that the answers may not be true or right, until you have found what you think is right, the truth and the knowledge will bring to another journey of discovery.



Your Responsibilities in the Internet?

We must accept in the Internet that there are full of dangers of deception, lies, pornography, gambling and fraudulent activities, and everyone can freely participate in these activities including yourself and your children. We will caution you on the dangers of privacy issues, internet virus, internet rules and courtesy, and other matters.



What are Our Training & Guiding Styles?

Edwin : We don’t teach or don't get you the right answers. We shall follow the Steps of ...


. Please Stop, go to Your Textbook and We Explain.

Your Textbook covers everything on the . However, there is no answer in the Textbook.

We Explain : How to start the journey by using the to click (navigate), the to type (correct), and the methods (your knowledge) so that you are able to browse in the Internet for information, to conduct on-line transactions, to write e-mail, to communicate and to chat with friends.


. Please Stop, We .

We : How to type the website addresses correctly, how to use the to click, how to apply the methods, next your attitude to search and browse.


. Please Do Together According To Our

Our : Do what We . If you can't do it, Please Stop! Don't Do! Relax! Let us complete the full excercise.

Understand the concept first, and We again if necessary and requested.

Don't worry, we will always repeat the same concept and repeat with another new exercise for better understanding.



Warning! Are You Lost and Angry?

It is perfectly all right to make mistakes. It is perfectly all right to get lost. It is perfectly all right to be angry. Relax and have fun, and don't try too hard, otherwise you will be very stressful, worried and angry.

You can stop if you think you have enough, otherwise try again. Accept that there are other ways of finding what you want. If you feel that it is difficult, or heavy-going, or angry STOP – because you are LEARNING a new KNOWLEDGE, a new ATTITUDE will evolve.

Start again, don’t give up. We will give you the Tips on How Not to get Lost and don't be angry.



Main Objective?

Edwin Koh : Remember to Relax, and Have Fun, and Learn New Skills, Acquire New Attitudes, and Apply New Knowledge in Your Journey to New Destination and Discovery.





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