Checklist for Getting Lost 1

Do you show Emotion of being Frustrated
or Disappointed or Anger?

Blame Edwin Koh (He is a lousy trainer,
and he is too fast to catch)
Blame myself (I am so frustrating, I don’t know how and what to do)
I give-up (I should have attended an easier class where I get all the right answers)



Checklist for Getting Lost 2

Do you type the website address correctly?

Check, OK, I have typed wrongly. I will type correctly again. Thank you.
Somebody give me the
wrong website address?




Checklist for Getting Lost 3

Do you maximise your desktop windows to see clearly, so that you can browse?




Checklist for Getting Lost 4

Do you browse you webpage for the information by scrolling your scroll bar?




Checklist for Getting Lost 5

Do you remember what was the last webpage that you have browsed that excited you ?

  1. I remembered, I will click back or forward.
    I cannot remember, maybe the webpage is
    minimised at the taskbar below, so I click to open it.
  2. Click to all possible webpages that may be minimised at the taskbar below.
  3. Next time I better add to the Favourites list.
  4. Otherwise, I will just type the website address correctly again.




Checklist for Getting Lost 6

Do you want to manage and organise all your minimized webpages at the taskbar?

  1. Click to all possible webpages and select those that I want to close them :
    1. Advertisement
    2. Audio Media Player
    3. Video Media Player
    4. Others
  2. I will close all webpages which are not important anymore for further searching.
  3. I must remember always to leave at least one webpage free for my continuous browsing, and typing another website address.




Checklist for Getting Lost 7

Do you want to use the search engine or the sitemap to look for information at your website.





Checklist for Getting Lost 8

Do you check with your friends if they have found the information to the webpage, and ask them if they can give you the website addresses for you to get there?





Checklist for Getting Lost 9

Are you happy now that you know how to get yourself out of the lost situation?




Golden Rule for Right Internet Attitude
(a) Never give-up.
(b) Never argue with others because there is
no right and wrong.
(c) Never worry if you do not click to the right information.
(d) Always ask someone who have found the website and the information.
(e) Keep searching for your information with more confidence.




Edwin Koh (Trainer) :

Good Luck in Your Spirit of Internet Browsing!




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