Checklist for Getting Lost 5

Do you remember what was the last webpage that you have browsed that excited you ?

  1. I remembered, I will click back or forward.
    I cannot remember, maybe the webpage is
    minimised at the taskbar below, so I click to open it.
  2. Click to all possible webpages that may be minimised at the taskbar below.
  3. Next time I better add to the Favourites list.
  4. Otherwise, I will just type the website address correctly again.




Checklist for Getting Lost 6

Do you want to manage and organise all your minimized webpages at the taskbar?

  1. Click to all possible webpages and select those that I want to close them :
    1. Advertisement
    2. Audio Media Player
    3. Video Media Player
    4. Others
  2. I will close all webpages which are not important anymore for further searching.
  3. I must remember always to leave at least one webpage free for my continuous browsing, and typing another website address.







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