Computers are connected to each other through the telephone connection
"Dial-up" Service
or the cable connection
"Broadband" Service provide by
the Internet Service Providers












Millions of computers connected to one another around the world, working together to share information.




What must you do when you want
to install the Internal Modem Card :

Modem (Port : COM1)


Installation of a Hardware Peripheral with Installation CD or Disks:










Can you Set the Modem Dialup :



Internet Connection Wizard

Dial-up Networking




What is in the Internet Starter Kits

When you sign an Internet account, you will be given a starter kit that contains all the necessary programs and information for you to begin your Internet Access :

the account name that you wish to be identify (user name);

the password to access the Internet service;

customized dial-up CD-ROM/diskettes containing Internet programs to log into the Internet, browse the Internet Information, send and receive e-mail programs;

User guide to set up your Account.



Launching Internet

Double-click <Internet Explorer> or <Netscape Communicator>



Type User name
Type Password

Click <Connect>


Log-on session is successful




Review Exercise : Rev A1








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