Multimedia Creation


How to Achieve the "Four A’s" in Multimedia Creation?


The "Four A’s" means we look on the quality of our own presentation to make sure that it is

ppropriate, ccessible, ccurate and ppealing to Others.



ppropriate (They must Understand)

Determine your presentation intended audience to relay information and concepts :

the text of language must be easy to follow,

it includes pictures, graphics, videos.



ccessibility (Their First Impression)

Accessibility is the speed of PowerPoint animation file(s) to load on your intended audience computer(s) or download as e-mail attachment(s).

The speed of accessibility is determined by the size and type of text, images, graphics, audio, video, special effects, require skills on the :

handling with Text or Font Type
handling Graphics
handling with Animation & Effects
handling with Sound & Video



(You are Responsible)

Be sure that your presentation provides information on the relevant topic and not quickly digress to other unrelated ones :

are the terms scientific?
are the explanations clear and concise?
are the pictures or diagrams clearly explained?
are the content discussed connected to the subject?


ppealing (They Feel and Touch)

A well-designed presentation is one that is colourful, full of graphics, fun to use, and easy to follow.

A poorly-organised presentation with broken links is frustrating and is hard to read.




Edwin Koh (Trainer) : "Your content of the presentation must be
to your audience. They must have fast and easy
ccessibility to your ccurate information for both reading and understanding with your use of ppealing texts, pictures, sounds and videos."



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