Working with Multimedia File Formats


Graphics & Images

Applications - use in on-screen, slide, video or printed work for business, objects, nature, background, and other presentations.

8-bit images ready to make a quick appearance in a presentation
24-bit images gives colour depth and resolution on video or screen


PC graphics display - requires VESA local bus or PCI local bus video which offers additional speed improvements for displaying large graphics and complex animation.

PC Colour


File Size


8-bit 640 x 486 350k .bmp none
24-bit 640 x 486 900k .tiff JPEG
24-bit 1024 x 768 2.5mb .tiff JPEG


PC colour palette formats - created in the .PAL format of Microsoft RIFF palettes (Raster Image File Format), created by PALEDIT.EXE in Microsoft Multimedia Software Development Kit, common colours red, green, blue, yellow, black.

File Type

.bmp, .dib, .rle Windows bitmap formats
.tif Tagged image file format
.pcx PC Paintbrush image
.gif CompuServe Graphic Interchange
.eps Encapsulated Post Script file, used by page layout programs and illustration
.pcd PhotoCD
.pic, .pct PICT format
.jpg JPEG format



Animation & Special Effects

File Type (2D/3D)

.wmf Windows Metafile
.dxf 2D/3D geometric data format
.rib Renderman format
.gif animated .gif format



Audio & Sound

Applications - use PC windows-based Media Player

File Type

.wav digitally recorded sounds, contains sampled sound
CD audio audio compact disc
.mid (midi) electronically synthesized sounds contain notation to reproduce tones
.pcm digitally recorded sound




Digital Video

Applications - use PC windows-based Media Player or

File Type

.avi Video for Windows digital video movie
.mov QuickTime for Windows digital video movie (at 15 fps with optimum size of 160 x 120 pixels)
.flc, .fli Autodesk Animator animation files
.mpg MPEG (Motion Picture Experts Group) - digital video format that uses compression method to produce full-motion 30 frames-per-second video



Others : JavaScript / Java applets/ Plug-ins such as Macromedia Shockwave or Flash / Morphing / Animator / 3D-modeling



Internet Multimedia Resources



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