Newsgroup in Outlook Express


Newsgroups are names that are classified hierarchically by subject. They are articles or messages that are posted by different group of people with the same interests to communicate on a worldwide scale which range from hobbies to politics and much more. Newgroup becomes a powerful and fun area for people to communicate with others around the world.



How to read your Newsgroup?


Connect to the Internet with my_id and my_password.

Click <Start> <Programs> <Outlook Express>



Double-click <Outlook Express> icon




Click <Mail> <Read News> at Internet Explorer




How to setup, subscribe, view, post, and reply newsgroup messages (and more)?


Setup Newsgroup

When you use Microsoft Outlook Express to access newsgroup, you will need to setup a newsgroup account.

You will need to know your email address and newsgroup server, provided from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).


Click <Set up a Newsgroup Account> at Newsgroup category of the Outlook Express Welcome Screen


The Internet connection Wizard is activated.



Type your name

Click <Next>


Type your e-mail address

Click <Next>


Type your News Server's Name

Click <Next>



Click <Finish>



The Internet connection Wizard is completed

You have a new item under News at the Internet Accounts.

Click <Close>



Subscribe Newsgroup

When you have finished your account configuration, you need to select the available newsgroups from Microsoft Outlook Express .


Click <Subscribe to Newsgroups> at Newsgroup category of the Outlook Express Welcome Screen






Click <> folder at the Folders List panel

Click <Newsgroups>


Click <Yes>


Prepare to display the list of Newsgroups



Outlook Express will prompt you to view the available newsgroups

Click <Yes>

If this is the first time you are using the Newgroup Subscriptions, you will see the download message.




List of the entire Newsgroups available.



If you are interested in the Newsgroup <>

Click <Subscribe> button

Click <Subscribe> button for the Newsgroup <sg.marketplace>



For your interests in the Political Newsgroup <> list.

Completion of your selection of your Newsgroups at the Folder list Panel






Explore and View Newsgroup

In the Folder list, click on the topic that you would like to preview. The folder will update the lastest postings.


There are two panels : Post Listing pane and Preview pane.



View the Posting through the Subject: From: Sent: of the Newsgroup <>



There is a toolbar to guide you in your further actions in your communication to the Newgroup postings.





Post Newsgroup

You can create a new discussion by posting a new message to the Newsgroup.

<New Post> button



Enter the subject.

Type the message.


Click <Send> button


Click <OK> at the Post News dialog box.





Reply Newsgroup

If you wish to join any discussion, you can do so by sending reply.

Click <Reply> button




Click <Reply Group> button

if you reply back to the newsgroup



Click <Send> button


Click <OK> at the Post News dialog box.






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