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Introduction    -   Canon XL1-S Professional Digital Camcorder


Having gathered professional videographers' feedback, Canon has developed the new rugged XL1S , a professional creation tool that can be customized to your needs.  XL1S  challenges difficult shooting conditions and promises to be the new benchmark in the professional film-making arena. Canon XL1 S .

The Canon XL1 S is flexible as it inter-operates with standard DV equipment and computer editing systems as XL1S supports the established industry standards, MiniDV and IEEE 1394. XL1S  also saves power with its two power saving mechanism.
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Superior XL1S Image Quality
XL1S has 3 CCD image sensors, each with 270,000 pixels, to capture miniature details even under extremely low light conditions.
  • The video also makes use of advanced Pixel Shift to offer a wider dynamic range, better low light recording, reduced vertical smears, and high quality still images . XL1S
  • Canon XL1S creates the new Super Range Optical Image Stabilizer to correct even the slightest low vibration caused by any shaking.

Great Audios XL1S
Canon knows that audio is crucial to professional productions. XL1S provides the highest standards in audio capture available on a digital video system with a 16-bit, 2 channel recording option. The XL1S also has two additional 12-bit recording channels allowing simultaneous recording on four channels. Audio levels can be controlled manually to further extend sound quality as it is recorded.
The XL1S also offers a plethora of means by which to get audio and video in and out of the camcorder.

Flexible Creation Tool XL1S

XL1S open architecture design enables user to use an extensive array of interchangeable lens (for video and still imaging) as well as extender zooms.
XL1S has 3 shooting modes (Normal, Digital Video & Frame Movie) and cinema like frame movie-mode to cater to a variety of shooting environment.
XL1S Programmed Auto Exposure Modes to provide advanced recording techniques for professional results.
XL1S offers many shooting enhancements that prevent common shooting errors and make capturing high-quality footage trouble-free.

User-orientated interface
The XL1S allows you to create and save your own custom settings so your common shooting modes can be readily duplicated.

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