Darius Foo Shi An
Project: Senso
Hi! I'm Darius, I'm a Singaporean and I study in Montfort Secondary School. The school I'm studying now is a great school because the teacher are very helpful and caring towards us. I'm a very helpful and generous person and my main aim in life to help others who are in need, and I do donate some money to chairity.
I'm interested in anything that has to do with computers and my hobbies are playing international chess, cycling, badminton, computer games, etc. Currently I'm in the sport of archery, just split one of my arrows during my practice.
I have friend that I can trust and seek for help from.
And they are :
1. Willy Liew Chin Wei
2. Jeffery Khoo
I come from a normal family and I'm the elderest son. My duty is to look after my 3 silbings. they are some times hard to look after because they are alway up to mischief.
I have very helpful and kind parents who would always help me when I am in real need of help.
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