This competition is out for fun and your free time to participate. This is an opportunity for you to expand your friendship status and a chance to see who is the best tipster for the entire season.


1. Get yourself in a group of 4 and name a captain
2. Give yourself a group name.
3. Please email your details (full name, nick name and contact) as a team to aquatic@singnet.com
4. We are limiting to only 4 groups with 16 slots so please send in your entries as soon as possible (unless there is a need to expand our entries).
5. All participants have to be committed to prevent delays.


Championship Team - $500
1st Runner Up Team - $400
2nd Runner Up Team - $300
3rd Runner Up Team - $200
Best Tipster (highest point achieved) - $100


Predict the result and score of the following games.


Bolton vs. Arsenal
Birmingham vs. Middlesbough
Charlton vs. Southampton
Chelsea vs. Fulham
Everton vs. Aston Villa
Leeds vs. Blackburn
Sunderland vs. Newcastle
West Brom vs. Liverpool

Barcelona vs. Real Sociedad
FC Sevilla vs. Real Madrid
Valencia vs. Alaves

Correct score = 3 points
Correct prediction = 1 point

"double" means that if you predicted the game correctly or even better, the score correctly, you will win double the points.

Copy & Paste these games above and enter your scores and I settle the rest.

For example:

Tottenham vs. Man City (2-1)
Ipswich T. vs. Portsmouth (0-1)
Reading vs. Nottingham F. (1-1)

Due time: 26042003, 6pm


ZUZU (0 points)
1. Marco (Captain)
2. Suzhen
3. Roykia
4. Charlie

RENAISSANCE (0 points)
1. vaderumond (Captain)
2. darkice
3. wombat
4. lagnacure

Your Team Name (0 points)
1. BeCkS^_^ (Captain)
2. Law of Kelong
3. Pepper
4. 007

Your Team Name (0 points)
1. (Captain)

Empire - Sean Chua aka FootballPunter
Asst. Empire - Kenny aka WitKnight


1. All particulars submitted must be genuine
2. No late replies as due time will be provided
3. No nasty of vulgar remarks (1 point deduction for every 1 made)
4. Sportsmanship needed from participants.
5. Captains and team participants are to post their predictions over our forum. At any point of time if one of your team mate is not available, do a favour for him / her to help post the predictions.
6. Any posting of results made elsewhere and not their respective topics will not be entertained.
7. Please note that any participants who are yet to respond within 3 days will be replaced, only to be fair to both parties and to prevent time delay.
8. Results will be posted at the forum withing 2 - 3 days.
9. Rules and regulations are subjected to changes and decision made by the empire will be fnal.
10. IDs are a must in clarification and claiming of prizes.

Good luck to all. May the best team wins!