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ONE Bank Note Changed My World!

This website is created in the middle of June 2001.

My main purpose is to keep record of people with GOOD HEART from all over the world.

The people here believe in the power of group effort.

Each person believes his/her small contribution here will go a very long way to make my dream come true.

My dream is to explore planet earth, to make good use of your contribution to travel the world (and meet some of you along the way), to publish and share my travel experiences with you on this website.

Therefore, kindly put into an envelope ONE dollar or ONE euro or ONE whatever currency your country is using and mail it to my home:

UNIT NO. 11-199
The following table will be updated EVERY SATURDAY starting from July 2001.

Country/State/City     No.of Envelope     Amount      Currency


Is it true that some city have more good hearted people than other cities? Well, let us come back once a week to check the above table.

Please include in your envelope the name of your town/city/village/state/country ... and other details you want me to know.

Thank you for your envelope...and your currency $.  :-)