What are the charges which i have to pay?

Apart from the cost price of your item, you will have to pay for the following charges:
1. $2 Handling charges for each item
2. Shipping charges
3. Local postage charges
4. Ezpay/Paypal/Ems charges

The handling charges may varies for different item
1. $2 for each Top, bottom and bag
2. $1 for each accessory

The shipping charges may varies depending on the weight of your item
1. Top & Bottom $1.50~$3.00 per item
2. Bags $4 per item
3. Accessories (Free Shipping)

The local postage may varies depending on the weight of your item.
There will be an additional $2.24 applicable for registered articles
1. 250g - $1.00
2. 500g - $1.50
3. 1kg - $2.55
4. 2kg - $3.35

Rates for mail items above 2kg as per Speedpost Islandwide Standard (Parcel) items.
Please refer to Speedpost Islandwide rate chart.
Local postage charges can be waived if you make self-collection

Ezpay/Paypal/Ems charges
These are not necessary unless imposted by the supplier.