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About CripperZ ProdigY Groupz


First established as an open grouping activities for common interest, CripperZ ProdigY (CP) started to mould itself as one of the active internet / irc group. CP also had form itself groups of affliates to expand the exposure to IT knowledge, culture groups and music scene. With these exposures, CP had expanded to other networks, bringing in the influence and attraction to the common interest running in its enviroment itself. What it does may not be as great as it looks or heard of, but the idealogy, " Noob will never stay as one, Elites cant be differentiate without the existence of NOOBs" , has made the groupkept going for years now. We share as we learn, we take responsibilities and have fun with the knowledge we know.


First founded by three fellow secondary school mates, N0DE (haas) , Slapshock (Rizal) and Amir, back in 1998, CP found its ground comfortable in expanding in IRC. Thanks to fellow mates like The RipperZ Crew (Webnet), Hellclanz (Gnet), BlackAngel Crew (Gnet), Nuphix Crew (Webnet) and fellows friends in #Uha1 (Gnet), CP now stays and alive, bringing in new NOOBs like what have been mentioned by many elite groups, giving them the motivation and basic exposure to what's life in IRC, Internet and technology. Hopefully one day, these NOOBs turn out to be elites and respected for their capabilities and come back teaching the new ones sharing whats not or should have been shared to continue the circular system of the living HACKERS (network wizards and programmers).


As for 2003-2004 phase, now its down to me, N0DE, with my buddy friends who kept me going all these years. As for Rizal and Amir, my best regards and thousands thanks for giving CP its birth date and the push to its existence today. My message to the rest of the hacking groups, CP is a place where we do not practice racial discriminations, bias or any of that sort. We prefer affliating and help each other in some ways or another. Sharing is part of our motto and practise.


My respects for those in #uha1, the BlackAngels, Hellclanz, Nuphix, Ccpower, Xcast and to those who are in good terms with CP. CP is not about hackers or posers. Neither CP is about the abuses its members do. Its about fun, socialising, do whatever u wanna try out or interested in, defining each individual's profiles and doing things in many odds and different ways that others may not see the point of view.


Hopefully CP will reach further exposure, to those who have been around for long, you realise now how it has moved on from simple and plain scripting group, to designing, consulting irc users in difficulties of irc, to family chatting channels, exposing to decency of gathering up to day out with chatters from different channels, etc. We are the difference that made u somewhere up there, We are The Push That Made U Moved


All the best to those who are moving on with their lives and a welcome message, "HELLO!", to those who wish to part of this community.


Expect The UnExpected

1998 - 2004



Haas a.k.a N0DE