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Transform an audience of millions into millions of audiences with Sony Broadcast.
Image is everything and Sony Broadcast is in the business of making you look and sound professional every time. Filming movie footage, delivering a corporate address or recording a live rock concert, our range of audio, high definition digital cinematography, content management and professional video solutions guarantees a convincing performance every time.

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Sony understands you need to look and sound your best at all times. Whether it is a major motion picture, capturing a memorable social occasion on video or a corporate address, Sony Broadcast rises to the occasion every time. From capturing the highest quality images and sounds, to editing, storing and managing content for a variety of audiences, we're there every step of the way.

Professional Video
Image is everything, whether it's the world of broadcast television, corporate and multimedia productions, a webcast or a major motion picture. Improve your image with the latest high-definition cameras, video monitors and digital effects from Sony. We'll make you look professional.

Professional Audio
No more pre-opening night nerves with our range of pristine audio solutions, which does justice to a live orchestral performance, a corporate video production or the latest chart-topping album.

See why the future of filmmaking is Sony with the pre-eminent high definition digital cinematography system used in Star Wars Episode II. Explore new areas of creativity in production, post-production and the delivery of prestige television productions, commercials and feature films.

Mainstream broadcast, web casting or professional applications, our resilient, cost saving multi-purpose video format still leaves room for innovation.
Discover digital broadcasting's vast potential for enhanced and interactive viewing with Media Caster and MediaManager, a dynamic data management system that takes the hard work out of managing and delivering interactive content.

Data Storage
Store and retrieve reams of historical data at record speeds with powerful and sophisticated data management solutions from Sony. From market research databases to hospital medical records, automated data storage and retrieval from Sony has the potential to transform your business.

SONY Launches New MPEG-IMX VTR & Camcorder In Asia

SINGAPORE, 19 June, 2001 (Broadcast Asia, Booth #2B3-01) - Broadcast and Professional Asia Company (BPPA), a division company of Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited today announced the introduction of Sony MSW-M200/P videotape recorder, and the MSW-900P camcorder, adding to the lineup of MPEG-IMX family. Both of which are specifically designed to operate at the heart of studio infrastructures based on MPEG-2 4:2:2P@ML at 50Mb/s. By exploiting the full potential of the MPEG technology, the IMX VTR and camcorder aim to break down all barriers to provide total migration freedom.

Making their Asian debut at BC Asia this month, the two new products from SONY utilize the MPEG technology - hailed as the best way to create an end-to-end, consistent, compressed production chain. This format also offers a more flexible, more cost-effective and top quality platform for post-production, distribution and archiving. MPEG can speed up this entire production process, reduce costs, and make workflow easier and more efficient all at the same time. It also enables users to expand for future HDTV programming with fully playback-compatibility.

Sony recognized an additional requirement from broadcasters, which was to produce very high quality material - often requiring heavy multi-generation editing - using equipment based on an "open" industry-standard compression and interfacing. In response to this "open" compression for broadcast infrastructures at data rates of up to 50 Mb/s, Sony adds these two new products to the MPEG family.

The MSW-M2000P MPEG IMX recorder
This is not just the ideal equipment to pursue the ultimate in the MPEG world. It also plays a vital role in migrating existing tools into an MPEG environment: Betacama, Betacama SP, Betacama SX formats can also be played back on this MPEG IMXa recorder. MSW-M2000P can also be used for re-editing existing footage and for transmission onto the satellite network by working with an MPEG 50Mb/s server. Additionally, the MSWM2000P can playback Digital Betacama format recordings. The output signal can be chosen from MPEG Elementary Stream (ES), conventional base band SDI and analog component/composite.

The MSW-900P MPEG IMX Camcorder
Incorporating the next generation CCD technology, Sony's revolutionary POWER HADa EX CCD, the MSW900P camcorder, capable of recording an MPEG-2 4:2:2P@ML data-stream at 50 Mb/s (Intra-frame), delivers unbeatable picture quality. This unique technology from Sony eliminates smear whilst providing industry-leading sensitivity that will once again set a new standard for CCD. This million-pixel CCD is progressive scan capable, providing excellent resolution with more versatility in many applications. In addition to the 12-bit A/D and the newest LSI, the MSW-900P also incorporates Memory Sticka for enhanced camera setup and sophisticated picture handling, GPS as MetaData, and MPEG Wireless transmission system for further convenience and possibilities.

Get Ready with Sony
Like Sony, many renowned broadcasters are also putting their faith in the MPEG technology in the migration to a forward-looking platform. And by supporting the specific IMX system technology with a data rate of 50 Mb/s, Sony essentially opens it up to other manufacturers as a platform for future cross-linked production system. This foresight from Sony is not just a technological development; it is a total system solution for those who aim to survive in this digital broadband network era.

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