Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Others

Brian Stegmeyer (ブライアン・ステッグマイヤー大統領, President Brian Stegmeyer), Seiyuu: Masayuki Omoroi: President of the United States of America, and effectively the leader of the Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations. Still living in the White House at Washington DC.


David (デビット, David), Seiyuu: Tomohisa Asō: The assistant of the President. Full name not revealed but the President calls him "David".


Mother of Louise Halevy, Seiyuu: Sakiko Tamagawa: She came to the Special Economic Zone: Tokyo to see her daughter and check if she is alright. She would like to bring her back to Spain since the world is in chaos right now. But Louise refuses and have Saji help her convince her mother that she will be fine staying here. She would like her mother to acknowledge Saji as her boyfriend as well. In the end, Louise's mother end up being close with Saji since he remind her of her husband and perhaps a bit too close for Louise's liking. She died during the unprovoked attack by GNW-003 Gundam Throne Drei piloted by Nena Trinity on the marriage ceremonial site for one of her relatives. Louise was there to witness the massacre of her whole family bloodline and loses one of her hands in the process.

Human Reform League Chairman: The Leader of the Human Reform League.

Massoud Rachmadi (マスード・ラフマディー), Seiyuu: Shinya Fukumatsu: An Imam in Azadistan with strong influence in the conservative factions of the Azadistani Parliament. Known as "Rasa" among the conservative factions, when Marina decided to accept the role of princess, he volunteered to become her opposition in order to contain the conservatives from getting radical and violent. His sudden abduction by Ali's forces had touched off a coup d'état with radical elements of the Azadistani army leading it against Marina and the rest of her reformist-leading government. He was later tracked down and rescued by Setsuna, Lockon and Hong Long, and returned to make a joint statement with Marina, which temporary quelled the rebellion.


"The War Ender" Joshua of Alaska, Seiyuu: Jun Konno: He is the one who said that Graham was involved in an incident of friendly fire a few years ago, during which he accidentally killed his senior officer with a shot in the back, during a mock battle. He even remarks that his promotion to captain with the formation of the OverFlag squad might have been yet another event of killing a superior. When he noticed Joshua was talking about this matter, Graham states that he doesn't care what he thinks and that he will prove the rumors to be wrong and that he will redeem his name on the battlefield. Joshua seems to wish to wait and see. He died, killed by Gundam Dynames when he break formation without authorization and attempt to assault Lockon.


Kathy Mannequin (カティ・マネキン, Kathy Mannequin), Seiyuu: Minami Takayama: A Colonel in the unified AEU armed forces, she is the commanding officer of the AEU contigent sent to the HRL's Taklamakan Desert. She is later assigned to be in command of the joint Union-AEU battle group consisting of GN-Xs. She is seen again 4 years later when the pilot lineup for the 'Earth Sphere Federation' is being broadcasted. Patrick is deeply in love with her.


Ian Vasty (イアン・ヴァスティ), Seiyuu: Hideyuki Umezu: A bespectacled middle-aged man affiliated with Celestial Being's mobile suit development project. He personally delivered new equipment to the Meisters in Episode 6. He also appears to be the technician aboard Ptolemaios and in charge of the repairs on the ship and the Gundams. 4 years later, he reveals to Wang Liu Mei and Hong Long the O Gundam and they talk about Gundam 00 and Ian tells them that the O Gundam's GN Drive is not compatible with the 00 Gundam and he wonders whether Gundam Exia's GN Drive will work on it.


Livonse Almack (リボンズ・アルマーク, Livonse Almack?), Seiyuu: Tōru Furuya (using pseudonym Noboru Sougetsu in the credit): A mysterious boy assisting Alejandro Corner, Livonse is able to directly interact with Veda, like Gundam Meisters Tieria Erde and Nena Trinity. However, Livonse eventually left Alejandro to die, revealing that he had been manipulating the villain the whole time. Four years later, Livonse is shown flanked by five people, calling himself the Innovator and the future of mankind.

Father of Saji Crossroad & Kinue Crossroad: It appear that he was working as a journalist made famous when he is alive. Kinue has decided to follow her father's footsteps and due to that, tries her best to prove herself that she can be as good as her father. But her eagerness to do so and her willingness to pursue the truth at all costs leads her to her death eventually.
AEU Council: Consisted of representatives from nations that form this european alliance. They gathered at the AEU Capital once in a while but often now due to the existence of Celestial Being.

Howard Mason (ハワード・メイスン) & Daryl Dodge (ダリル・ダッジ), Seiyuu: Kenji Takahashi & Rintarou Nishi, Age: 27 & 26:

Howard Mason is a Union NCO with the rank of Warrant Officer. One of the first Flag Fighters assigned to the Anti-Gundam Investigative Squad "Overflags" under Graham Aker. He seemed to have a friendship with Graham due to their belief in the qualities of the Flag. He has brown hair and glasses. He was killed in action by Michael Trinity. After his death, Graham and Daryl vowed to avenge his death.

Daryl Dodge is a Union soldier with the rank of Master Sergeant. Another of the first Flag Fighters assigned to the Anti-Gundam Investigative Squad "Overflags" under Graham Aker. Has black skin and red hair. Unlike Graham and Howard he doesn't share their faith that a Flag can beat the Gundams. He was recently transferred to the Union's GN-X squad. Killed after performing a head-on suicide attack on Gundam Dynames in order to avenge Howard Mason's death.

Laguna Harvey: President of Linear Train Corporation, Seiyuu: Shinya Fukumatsu: He may be the one who built the Gundam Thrones and have Team Trinity to pilot them for the purpose of his own profit by forming the world into one by selling them fake GN Drives. He is killed by Ali who decided to betray him after failing to give Ali a GN-X unit.
Dr. J.B. Moreno: Doctor onboard the Ptolemaios. He treated Lockon when he was injured protecting Tieria and Gundam Virtue in episode 21. He was killed when Alejandro fired upon the Ptolemaios. Ian curses him for dying first.

Lichtendahl Tsery (リヒテンダール・ツエーリ, Lichtendahl Tsery). Seiyuu: Masataka Azuma, Age: 21: Ptolemaios helmsman with a cheerful personality. His parents were technicians of the Orbital Elevators that were killed in the Solar Wars. He lost a large portion of his body in the carnage, which was replaced with machinery, making him a cyborg. He was fatally wounded when he tried to cover Christina from an attack from a GN-X on the bridge of the Ptolemaios. The damage from the attack revealed to Christina his mechanical body, and she told him what a shame it was that she had never noticed how amazing he was--apparently revealing a new-found love on Christina's part. He died moments later, a happy smile on his face that he'd finally been recognized and loved by someone.