Andrew Heenan

Nurse, Journalist, Web Builder and Advisor.

The Internet - fun, useful, and potentially profitable. So why do people pretend it's so complicated?

Andrew Heenan


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I've assembled a fair number of web sites over the years, all eccentric in their own unique way, but all with content that ensures they will get visitors - not millions, but consistently.

And, by and large, those visitors will go away happy. Why?

Because my policy is to match content to audience, and not claim anything I cannot deliver. Sounds simple, but how many websites, amateur as well as professional, are knee-deep in drivel and superlatives?

The future of the web for the 'small site' is finding your niche, filling it, and make sure you not only label it accurately, but be sure you are just ahead of the competition.

Avoid gimmicks; technology is there to be used, not to use you. Any 'clever' item you install that you don't need simply slows down your site, loses visitors, and makes others less likely to return.

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