My Hobbies

Hobbies are a great way to pass time. It's about doing what you love and enjoying yourself. My hobbies are playing soccer and reading books. From time to time, I may get bored and so I take on a new hobby. Playing soccer relaxes my mind and makes me forget my worries.My favourite team is Manchester United. My neighbours also love soccer and normally the seven of us (my brother included) will play at the void deck. During holidays we play frequently. Althogh we may get injured (broken nails,bruises,cuts) we love the sport!

Books is my other love. It totally transports you to another world. I normally borrow books from the library but sometimes I will go to Borders or Takashimaya to borrow books. My favourite books are 'Tuesdays with Morrie', 'Artemis Fowl'(all five titles), Tom Clancy's 'Net Force' books and the'Diamond Brothers' series.

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