Holiday Fever

During June, November and December it is holiday here in Singapore. As I had to prepare for PSLE, I didn't go overseas during June. But after I finished the exam (PHEW!) , we went for a 5 day long holiday in Langkawi, Malaysia. It was one of the best holidays I ever went for. We left from Singapore at 6.30pm. The 1 hour long journey was fun! The air stewardesses gave us cards to play with(donkey and snap) and we had chocolate chip cupcakes too! We touched down at 8.15pm at Langkawi International Airport. We got our baggage and took off in a van to Berjaya Langkawi Resort,our hotel. On the next day we stayed in the hotel and explored the facillities. Gym, bicycle rentals and swimming pools. It was so cool. On the next few days, we visited a mountain (Gunung Raya), visited museums, saw padi fields, climbed a hill,shopped,played games, swam and visited the three beautiful beaches. It was tiring but fun.

I particularly liked the beaches because of its soft sand, the sunset and wading in the sea!Well all in all, it was definitely a fun trip.

tree langkawilan


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