Welcome to my homepage

Hi there! My name is Siddeeq. I am a student.

I am twelve going on thirTEEN.

I live in Jurong West, Singapore.

There are 6 people in my family consisting of my father(engineer), mother (teacher), sister (student,K1), brother(student, P3), and grandmother.I love them a lot!

I'm going to a secondary school next year. (still waiting for my posting results for sec sch)

I love playing football and reading books especially those written by Anthony Horowitz, Eoin Colfer, Tom Clancy. I love their books.

Since I'm leaving primary school (Jurong West Pri) this year, I really miss my friends.

It's holiday time here in Singapore while I'm writing this. I'm having a good time enjoying myself.

My favourite TV show is Teen Titans and Justice League.

I really love being in the company of GOOD freinds. (especially my kind and understanding ones at pri sch)

Hope you like my website and enjoy surfing it! If you have any questions,queries,comments,suggestions or want more information don't hesitate to mail me!

Bye for now!


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