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Welcome to IMA

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

Welcome to IMA - Internet Marketing Articles, a site where articles, experiences or even personal success stories related to online marketing are exchanged.

A successful business need a lot of traffic and that relies a lot on the marketing strategies we used. However, Many of us are inexperienced, still lost, clueless how to get that traffic you wanted. Every of us hopes to succeed by finding some ways or learning some tips for successful Internet Marketers.

Thus IMA was set up with this motive in mind: To help one another in their home business by learning from one another. This is the site for anyone interested in learning more about marketing or would like to share their experience.

Members who subscribe to IMA will receive regular newletters on site updates and articles. Plus signing up free with IMA now, will get you a free eBook "Gary Shawkey's Secrets" that reveals to you how to be a Internet Marketing Expert, a ebook that is very helpful in your marketing plans.

IMA is still young, but definitely growing site. Improvements will be made to the site and much more articles will be published soon, so do bookmark this site and come back often!

Latest Site Updates

 Wednesday, 05 May 2004
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 Tuesday, 04 May 2004
A new article "A Clever New Linking Strategy!" has been published.   [ Read this Article ]
 Monday, 02 May 2004
A new article "The Top 10 Internet Marketing Blunders" has been published.   [ Read this Article ]

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