Jaimah Slam
My Life
I was born to a family of five. Educated in a mixed primary school, followed by a girl's school, graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic, where I then got myself into one of the govt agencies....To all those who have lost touch with me, I am now married and a proud mother of my bundle of joy!
Well, what was there to do when you are a gal, window shopping, gossiping, chatting, etc..Now that I am a mother, what is more wonderful than to spend my time with my beloved husband and, of coz, Iqmal!
With a family of four (mom, dad and 2 sisters)..life was interesting, with sibling rivalry and sorts..but it was fun...not to mention friends who will always be there when I need them..With my husband and son as well, it was definitely an added bonus for me!