SASA, the Golden Retriever from GOD
SASA CAME HOME on OCT 24th, 2002.  She was born on SEPT 16th.  It was later discovered that both these dates are marked in red on the calendar.  SEPT 16th is the BIRTHDAY of SABAH's HEAD of SATE.  OCTOBER 24th is the BIRTHDAY of PAHANG's SULTAN.
JEREMY ACTUALLY WANTED AN ALSATIAN, BUT ON THE ADVICE OF FRIENDS, paid a neighbour, a pet merchant RM400 as a deposit for a GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPY.  The pups were new born and could not be brought home immediately.

THERE WAS an advertisement in the newspapers which said "GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPIES for sale."  CURIOUS, JEREMY called up and the advertiser said "COME AND TAKE A LOOK."  After closing shop, SARAVANAN, Jeremy's assistant drove them to the address. 

The ADVERTISERS turned out to be PASTORS of the Methodist church in Tmn Melawati. 
The couple exchanged GLANCES when they showed Sasa to him.  Later, they told JEREMY that SASA was the first born of the first litter and had BEEN DEDICATED TO GOD.  Whatever was paid for her would be used for God's work for the furtherance of His Kingdom. 
There was JEREMY praying for a Golden Retriever puppy instead of the German Shepherd Dog HE ALWAYS WANTED and here, a first born GOLDEN pup dedicated to God.  GOD'S HAND WAS UPON ALL THIS.
It was just as well that Jeremy's Assistant, Saravanan drove. Jeremy was crying tears of joy for bringing Sasa home was like the realisation of a childhood dream.  For days and weeks after that, Jeremy found himself calling up friends and writing to every newspaper pet columnist.  He had a puppy on his hands and no knowledge whatsoever about taking care of them.
Jeremy ended up mopping the floor more times one day than he normally did in a year.  By the time Sasa was 2 months old, she would go to the toilet all BY HERSELF.  By then, Jeremy had lost about 7kg. 
Sasa was a comical little doggie.  Sometimes, she would accidentally let out a tiny dropping on the floor, look at it, panic and gallop like a horse into the bathroom to finish what she had started. 

JEREMY always walks Sasa every night no matter how tired he is or how late.  For JEREMY, it is the best time of his day, WALKING AND TALKING WITH GOD and JUST ENJOYING HIS PRESENCE in the quiet of the night.