GOD's Truth
Do you know that the Bible is the word of God?  We can only understand His Word fully if we truly desire to know Him. Then He opens our minds to understand the scriptures. Jeremy can now understand how Noah can bring all the animals into the ark.  He used to think Noah had to trap all the tigers and lions and birds, etc.  How silly!  God just instructed them to follow Noah into the ark, see?
God has given us different talents.  I can nurse people back to health by cheering them up.  The Bible says (in Pr 17:22) that, " A merry heart does good, like medicine, But a broken spirit dries the bones."
I check on Jeremy every night to make sure he is sleeping safely.
MY FIRST BIRTHDAY  Mei Yee and Poo came for my birthday and also a few other friends.  I like the Satay better than the cake.
Uncle Sara helps Jeremy to take care of me.  Sometimes, he is sad and I have to cheer him up.