GOD'S ANGELS watch over me when Jeremy goes to church.  Jeremy can only walk me at night after closing shop.  If it's really late, the angels will not permit me to bark and greet the dogs in the houses we pass by because those dogs really make too much noise.  They, I mean the Angels, not those noisy dogs,  also protect us and keep us from muggers and bad people. 
Jeremy takes me along every time he goes home to visit his mum.  Kok Leong's mum will drop over because she lives close by.  She will bring her grandchildren along to play with me. 
A walk in the day is really hot unless there has just been a shower. 
Chinese New Year 2004.  How do you like Jeremy's deco?  I think there is too much RED!
My second Christmas, 2003.  Doesn't this look like a Christmas card?