I love people.  Sometimes, Jeremy is worried when I run up to everyone like greeting an old friend.  He thinks some people may panic when they see a big doggie running towards them.  BUT I LOVE EVERYBODY!
See Wai met me walking near her home one night and played with me.  A few days later, she came to Canaan Optical Centre to buy a pair of glasses.  She was surprised to see me in the shop and find that I live here.  She comes to see Jeremy now and then to repair her glasses.  I think she just misses me, that's all.
This is brother Man How.  He is a good boy and very clever too.  He is patient and understanding with me even when I don't do everything right, sometimes.
Brother Sam is the most handsome boy I have ever seen.  Anne is so blessed to have such a caring elder brother.  I love to steal his slippers and run away so he would run after me. 
Whenever Anne is able to, she will visit me after Church on Sundays to play with me.  She is a very caring and loving sister.  The Soya Bean drink that she makes tastes great!