Jeremy is very blessed because GOD has brought me into his life.  GOD teaches him many things, using me.  For example, my Vet says that I am not a perfect specimen.  My hind legs are not straight.  Jeremy loves me all the same, maybe more, despite this.  That is how he understands that God loves him despite his imperfections.  GOD IS PERFECT AND HIS LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL.
I help Jeremy to save money and not overspend by chewing up his credit card.
Jeremy spends a lot of time with me, often handfeeding me when I want to be spoilt.  On Sundays, though, I will eat my food readily and obediently so that Jeremy won't be late for church.
I pretend to fall asleep here but once Jeremy is sound asleep, I will get up and climb into the big bed with him.  It is my job to protect him from robbers and thieves.  NEEDLESS TO SAY, GOD'S ANGELS WATCH OVER US ALL THE TIME AND GOD'S PRESENCE IS ALWAYS WITH US.   Whenever any church members drop in, Jesus is with us because He promises that when 2 or 3 are gathered together in His Name, there He is, in our midst.  We always feel blessed whenever any Christian brother or sister drops in to chat or spend some time.
This is my Iswara.  The backseat has been modified to allow freedom of movement and I can sit or lie down comfortably while traveling even long distances.