One year and two months in Washington DC!!! Who would have believed I would last soo long. But here I'm, and it seems that I'll be here for at least one more year. We will see how it goes. Meanwhile, living here has been good. Lots of stuff to do, parties, places to visit ... my brother is rather close ... It hasn't been boring at all. Work is easy and the office is fine ... One thing missing though. More photos in Picasa and if you want to see what has been keeping me busy in my free time, check out Mattos Consultores website.

Already five months in Sierra Leone. So far, so good. I came during the best season, I cannot complain. The rainy season is coming, we will see if it is as bad as they have been talking.

More photos have been uploaded. Two new sets. One from the Easter weekend and some from the party for Arlyne's birthday. I also posted a couple from my house and my new dog (not that new though, she is three months old already!)

This is the fifth version of my Web page. I used a different software, and it looks better. As it says in the manual, "almost professional", for a "personal home page" is more than enough, it demands a lot of time.

I still have to post photos from my time in Bolivia. I have lots, I mean, photos from my newphew's birthday, traveling through the rain forest, my work with Bolfor ... well, that will have to wait until I get connected to the internet in my house. Which is not that easy in Freetown.

The Spanish and Chinese versions of
World Food are already available. Check it out.

Last update: 7/12/2007


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