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About Me

I've been a Pool supporter all my life and like many fans out there have been frustrated with their lack of progress recently. Nevertheless, I believe that under Gerard Houllier's charge the glory days of Liverpool Football Club will soon be back.

I won't reveal too much about myself, suffice to say that I'm a mad Pool fan in his late 20s. Anyway to cut a long story short, I present a short biodata:

Name: Luke Skywalker
Hobbies: Soccer, watching movies, surfing the Net and reading
Fav movies: The Star Wars Trilogy & Pulp Fiction
Fav music: Rock, Rap, hip-hop..NO BOYBANDS!!!


The story begins in 1878 with the formation of St Domingo's Football Club, organised around the sporting activities of a local chapel. Football was becoming so popular at the time that St Domingo's decided to increase its catchment area, and in 1879 adopted the more impressive name of Everton Football Club. Five years later, Everton began playing their home games at Anfield. The owner of the ground was a wealthy businessman and future Mayor of Liverpool, John Houlding, whose power and influence in the area was reflected in his nickname "King John of Everton".

The name of Everton therefore crops up in the early history of Liverpool, because it was not until 1892 that Liverpool Football Club was formed. March 1892 was a crucial month. A financial dispute involving Houlding and fellow members of Everton over the tenancy of the ground finally reached a point of no return, resulting in a decision to move Everton Football Club to new premises across Stanley Park. Houlding was thus left with a football ground, but no team to play on it. W.E. Barclay, Houlding's friend and fellow football fanatic, suggested that a new team be created. Houlding liked the idea so Liverpool Association Football Club (as the club was originally known) was born.

Houlding applied immediately for the membership of the Football League but when his application was rejected Liverpool had to settle for a season in the more local Lancashire League. It was virtually unheard of at the time for a city to have more than one professional football team, and people naturally wondered where on earth Liverpool's players would come from. John McKenna, the club's first manager provided the answer; Scotland. All eleven players of the Liverpool team that played it's first ever competitive match, against Higher Walton on the 3rd September 1892, were Scottish.

In the 1893-94 season, L.F.C. was promoted to the Second Division after only one season. Liverpool's first ever League game was away to the now defunct Middlesbrough Ironopolis, with Malcom McVean earning the historic accolade of scoring Liverpool's first ever League goal, in a 2-0 victory. During the following season home gates were approaching 20,000, after very humble beginnings. The 1898-99 season saw the arrival of the centre-half Alex Raisbeck, Liverpool's first real world-class player to wear the famous red strip (which replaced the original blue and white colours in 1896). In the 1900-01 season, as Queen Victoria's lengthy reign drew to a close, Liverpool won the League Championship for the first time. This was to be the first championship victory of many. Currently the 18 championship victories constitute a record for any English Club.

Links to other Reds website

I'm quite particular about these things...so I've only chosen two of the best that i know of.

Liverpool's Official Website - A excellent site with regularly updated news, interviews, pics, sounds..great stuff!

Shankly Gates  - A somewhat similar site, albeit a more commercial looking site, still good stuff!