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21th April
haiz, found shirlee's blog and found pics of the KTV tat we went to sing last time for anna's bdae =)will try to upload it asap.

31st March:
Uploaded 2 comics strip. see it at "Artwork". Arhh.. still trying to gather my linkz pages... but guess i do not hav too many IT savvy frez nia. haha.

23rd March:
Hey, can u ppl pls leave something in the guestbook (footprints)? i've 293ppl pop by so far, and i didn't even noe who the abc are you ppl. haha.

18th March:
Completed the class webby... kinda proud of it sia.. sick these 2 days... yawn...

15th March:
Came up an idea of uploading my cartoon workz, nt completed yet, tune in~ JD & boss fly to UNSW today, send them off at airport tem 2. (Check Blog)

10th March:
Upload 4 album.

4th March:
Lost zzz... beautify my homepage and blog...

17th Feb:
at last got time to update been feeling sooo sick these few days..

5th Jan: 
trying to get imagination station up... so i can save on photo space...

1st Jan! Finally upload everything online!

Everything here is espcially for all my friends that are far apart from me now. If I could get near to their heart =)

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