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I would like to dedicate this page, to Dr. Li Yung Hua and staff of Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Their efforts for looking into the welfare of every patient is remarkable. I truly believed that I was in very good hands of Ward 12C during my stay from 18 Nov 04 to 20 Nov 04. Thank you!!!


I reported to Tan Tock Seng Hospital on 18 Nov 2004 at about 0930hrs for an operation. This is the second time I am operating on the same site, for the same problem. You see, I am suffering from what was commonly known as “Slipped Disc”. I would like to share my experience with you, my friends, wishing you all best of health!

The picture on the right is actually a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image) of the lower back. Similar to an X-Ray, MRI is a more expensive tool used by doctors to determine the problem with your soft tissues, which wouldn’t turn up in an X-Ray.

The “Discs” as pointed by the arrows in the picture, are actually the cushion of your spine. Like a car suspension, they contract and expand when you flex and bend your spine.

As the years goes by, due to poor care, inproper body posture, poor conditioning of body, weight problems, physical exertion, these disc will wear and tear. It will result in a tear, follow by a rupturing, in which the contents of the disc flows out. A medical condition call “Disc Herniation”.

In the picture, a disc had ruptured at the L4/5 location and is spilling upwards. The white colour “channel” is where your Spinal Cord or Central Nervous System(CNS) lies.

Depending on the seriousness of individual cases, the disc may “touch” the CNS, causing pains traveling down your either legs. Doctors would often advise patients not to go for an operation if the condition is not severe, ie; it does not affect your daily life.

Unfortunately, in my case, it is very bad. I had no choice but to go for a second operation. I can no longer walk properly for a distance more than 100m, without feeling pain in my left leg. It had worsen considerably, after a 12km run in ECP (training for AHM) and a 10km beach run in Sentosa (NIKE Real Run).

Please click on the MRI if you want to know more about the medical condition, commonly known as “Slipped Disc”.

- 20 Nov 2004