Electronic Guardian
Type : ST-111
(1 Sensor)
(MAX 2 sensor)


Lamp ON

Detecting Area

(Type:ST-112) 2 Sensor
Specification Control Sensor

Control unit type : ST-111 Area Deteksi 7M x 5M from the installation hight 3M(1Sensor)
Install to : Indoor
Sensor port : 2 (Possible to control a maximum of 2 sensors in one controller)
Power Supply : 220 V AC / 50 Hz
Buzzer : Internal
Contact : For Lamp Max 150 Watt With 220V AC
Contact : Aux. Out Max 150 Watt With 220V AC
Contact : Ext. Buzzer Max. 50 Watt With 220V AC
Contact : Dry Contact Max 0.25 A / 220V AC or Max 1 A / 30 V DC.
Ambient Temp. : -20o - 60o C.

Security Alarm System For

Entrance of House / Garden / Car port / shop / Back Yard / Ware house / Material Stock Yard / Construction Site / etc..

Explanation for The Operation of System

When there is an intruder get in the sensing Area.
Lighting up Lamp automatically by the system.
When choosing a caution mode, The Buzzer starts automatically.
After lighting up(or Start buzzer) If there is no more detection. Lamp(Buzzer) is automatically Off after 1 min(About) from last detection.