Karmela Amanda Kamila
John Frusciante
29 years old fun loving and funky mother of two rascals. Love the hubby so much.
My 6 years old daughter and me are fans of The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
My 10 months old baby is crazy about anything rock. Try to play him the new Foo Fighter song and he'll clap his hands loudly :)
My hubby is trying to be a good photographer. Don't ask him about photography or he'll give you the time of your life, means you have to listen to all his lecture about photography. *sigh*
Nevermind, I love him.
I love my family. They're annoying, irritating, stubborn brats, but I love them anyway.
Singing, Photography (yeah..right), guitar (well at least I try), and writing of course ;)
Okay..let's try.
Umm.. I'm from a big family.
We're (mostly) Sundanese.
My mum live in the US now, but the rest of my family live in Bandung, Indonesia.
Have one younger brother, still struggle in ITB ;), he's a cool bass player. I'm in love with him from the day he was born. But hubby said I spoiled him. What the heck.. I love my family. They're funny.

My friends, mostly my classmate back in University.
I love them, they're cool.