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Welcome to my Homepage! My name is Low Kay Hwa, and I inspired to be a writer. My motive of this website is not to create a personal page of me to make more people know about me (That is the reason why it's so poorly done hee hee). The motive of this website is simple: To attract more readers, and most importantly, I want YOUR comments! Yes, YOU, who is reading this now... whoever you are, whatever you are doing, I need your comment and support on my story... basically, I have a story (Novel-length) on a link of this page, and I hope you will read it! It's chapter-based, hence I'm adding a new chapter every week without delay. Wish to hear from you soon! By the way, my introduction is just below the link of my story, entitled "The Future".







I never really include a summary for my story, and many people who have never read my stories don’t know what type of story I am writing for this hee hee. So basically, to clear the doubts and to prevent spoilers, here are my answers for what’s my story about.

     Its gene mainly falls on the science fiction section, but it has got a very touching love story inside. So it’s a touching love story + science fiction.

     Actually, have you ever wonder what you do now will affect the future? That you forget to brush your teeth today: will it affect you 20 years down the road? Maybe yes… because that day, when you forget to brush your teeth, you may never brush it again. After 20 years all your teeth will rot.

     What if we remember to brush? It will be a different story. My story is based on this idea: That what we do now, will affect what we see in the future. OUR PAST SHAPES OUR PRESENT, AND OUR PRESENT SHAPES OUR FUTURE. Every little actions make a difference.

     This story, just like all the stories I had written, had a morale in it. What’s the morale of the story? Just think back: If you had tell that girl you love her just now, she may be your wife in the future. If you tell her those 10 minutes later, she may be your enemy in the future. Morale of the story? What we do now affects our future. Don’t say it will just effect tomorrow: it will effect you 20 years later, 50 years later, or when u die.

     It may sound a bit “chim”, but I guess you’ve got the idea. Basically my story is something like that; not some fantasy love story or unreal flying creatures flying around. It’s based on logic. =) First few chapters will be boring... after that shall be exciting =)I wish it will clear some doubts and once again, attract more readers…  Thanks for any support given!


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About Me


Name: Low Kay Hwa

Date Of Birth: June 1985

Age (As of Now) : 17++

School: Singapore Polytechnic (Dipoma In Building And Property Management)

Hobbies: Badminton, Sports, Writing (Of Course!), Playing Video Games, Watching Television, Working

Status: No girlfriend =(

Contact Number: Sorry I don't usually give my contact number first before knowing the friend well =)

Email: kayhwa85@yahoo.com.sg , p0234470@sp.edu.sg, kayhwa@singapore.com  (However, feel free to email me =)

ICQ: 164270736 (Please feel free to ICQ me as well =)

Idols: Jacky Wu Zhong Xian, Kang Kang and Nono! They are the best creatures on Earth! (I never say they are humans... hmmm, are they? =X)


Update on 31th March 2003:

Chapter 2 is up, and I've got a new layout! Please go www.kayhwa.sg.st from now on! Thanks!




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