Poetry Zone 2

Life is a stereo system with blastin' rap.
I crank up the volume and bass and my neighbors complain. I lay on my
phat bed, just boppin', my head, and kickin' it.
This takes away just what I need, my thoughts , and
nobody can tell me what to do at this point. Suddenly,
the system turns off, and just leaves me wondering
Best Friends
We sit and talk For hours at a time,
We share everything Nothing is "mine".
We tell our hopes Our fears, and our dreams,
We all have something in Common it seems.
We're always together Night and day.

But soon we will all Be going out seperate ways.
College, careers, anything
We choose, we will always Be there for one another No matter what we do.
Strong, weak, near or far, We will always be Best Friends
No matter where we are.

As I sit here thinkingOf life and its
Meaning"What is the purpose of it all?"
I ask myself.
I look out the window of life
And watch as the worldmarches by.
It continues on its waynot paying attention to me.

Caring not of my feelings,
but worrying only of itself.
"How could the world be so cruel?"
I ask myself fiercly.

Then I realize it is not the world,
but the people in it that makes life Hell.
Happiness is Smiling into a person's eyes in
That one moment of complete understanding,
Fingers entwined and hearts combined and
Finding perfection for just an instant.

Sorrow is That first tear of realization that
Falls like the loss of a loved one,
The aching void left in your heart
That will never leave, only subside.

Loneliness is Laughing alone in a dingy
Old movie theater, feet stuck
To the residue of forgotten candy, an
Empty popcorn box in your lap.
Hate is Watching a person with
Eyes narrowed and teeth bared and
Mind closed with the tightness
Of a time capsule buried long ago.
Love is Being able to forgive when your sister
Shrinks your favorite sweater or your
Brother destroys with a hapless mistep
That just finished project, perfect to the last detail.
Memory is The flashbulb picture of an
Emotion gathering dust in the
Shelves of your mind, triggered by the
Same feeling felt once again.

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