When We Were Young

And Iframes layout again. I think I like them best. This one features CGart brushed under with AVH's wonderful collection of brushes.

This layout can be used for just about any site, and will fit itself into the middle of the screen regardless of resolution.


Editing this should be simple enough, just follow the instructions below.

  1. Unzip your downloaded file with WinZip or some other unzipping program into one folder.
  2. To edit the Navigation section, open up index2.html to do so (there are further instructions embedded in the HTML of the file with invisible comments.)
  3. To edit the main content, use main.html to do so. To add new pages, just duplicate the main.html file.
  4. To make a heading (like the one above), insert <p class="head">Your Text Here</p>
  5. And last, but not least: to make the title of your site. Open image_04.jpg into your image editor and put a title there. Be sure to save as the exact same file name with the exact same file type: .jpg

Remember to leave all credit intact to use.


You should make a credits page to put these links on.

Image used from Aethereality
Brushes used from The Fifth Muse.
Layout Design by me, Viitoria.