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Date.Of.Birth: 2nd Dec 1987
Age: 15+
Horoscope: Saggitarius
The Real Me: Playful, hate 2 pick up a pen/pencil, strive 4 perfect, strive 2 be a good friend of others, try my best 2 fit in into a new different grp of friends wen my original frenz r not here, dislike 2 be order around and luv 2 daydream, wish to migrate 2 Taiwan, want 2 grow up 2 be a doctor or in a civil defence force...
My Goods: No need 2 say (Self-praise iz international Disgrace)
My Bads: Talk alot, not humble enuff, a little bossy and impatient...
Favorite boyband: ENERGY, F4 and comicboyz
Email: leager4eva@yahoo.com.sg/leager4eva@hotmail.com

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