The word `atelier¨ literally means an artist's or designer's studio or workroom. Lynns Atelier is aptly named after its owner, Lynn, who is a graphic designer by training.

As a child, Lynn loved to create handicrafts with her nimble fingers. Naturally, her most favourite subject in school, you guessed it, was arts and crafts. Her unique talent was often recognised with high marks for her school projects and displayed at school exhibitions. Her love for arts and crafts remained with her as she grew up, prompting her to pursue a Diploma in Graphic Design as her major.

After her graduation, she pursued her career as a graphic designer in the printing and design industries. But the energy in those creative hands continued to surprise her friends who benefited from her talent. She would customise cushion covers for friends, sew personalised sign-in books for weddings, make baby pillows embroidered with teddy bears and the newborn¨s name. With her friends¨ encouragement, she has now launched her very own gift line and services.





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