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Updates (As of 06 Nov 2005)

About me

Me in LA, USA, with darth vader
I'm a 3rd year NTU Computering Engineering who is now in NUS as an exchange student.

I'm a Malay student who has been living in Singapore for the past 23 years and enjoys trekking a lot.

What's so special about me?
  • I am a Singapore Malay-Indonesian who studied Chinese as a second language for 12 years (PSLE-JC)
  • Working in Harry's Bar Singapore (Dec 2003-Oct2005)
  • An NTU student on exchange to NUS (Aug2005-Nov2005)
  • Being in relationships for a large part of my life (1999-2005, Trecia Lin has the credit of having played a major role in her influence on who I am today)
  • Work & travel in USA (May - Aug 2005)
  • A Combat Medic (until ROD) / First-Aider Certified (Oct 2003-2007)
  • A Pulau Tekong Ex-Resident (2002-2003)
  • Complete the Al-Quran (1998)
  • Learn Malay while learning Islam@religious classes with Pertapis
(On left: Thats a picture of me in Los Angeles, USA)


What is Madxkatz?
In the search for a name is the uniquely my online identity, i have adopted the name: Madxkatz. Until now, I have not seen anybody else uses this nick and it is my copyrighted nick =)

Well, in my fantasy world, I could be as famous as other hackers out there and the name strikes fear and awe...and I would have to hide my real-world identity lest somebody kill me or kidnapped me. But reality have a way of dashing hopes and dreams. Until I have achieve an online persona that is valuable or worth knowing, I don't think anyone would take a bother about a nick: madxkatz.

So the inspiration? It's based on the BattleTech Universe where there exists a particular mech (or what layman would call a machine)  called the Madcat from the Smoke Jaguar Clan.

Why the misnomer in spelling? Well, the x stands for maximum. The oozes the cool factor. =)

In future, I will be adding links to other sites that are related to the Battletech universe and I hope to do a concise article on the specs of this particular mech.


I am a trekker novice. Still upgrading my equipment and the level of comfort in my treks but otherwise, I love treks!!! The feeling of a journey through nature is soothing for an urban guy like me.

The most recent trip that i have been to is the Lombong trip with NUS Rovers. And i love it! Memorable experience and its mentioned in detail here.

My future trip would be the Batu Cave trip/trek which is 4 days and 3 nights with Rovers again in December this end year. Also, i hope to be doing as many treks as i can during IA so that i will not pass up the gift of youth.

Of course, I am a outdoor person and love to do other sports and adventure given the time and resources. But life is reality and much constraints so i do what i can in life.

Max life.

(On left: Thats a picture of me among the many rivers that we trekked through. It was awet trek and it wetter with the heavy downpour in day 1.)

Photos (& Videos)

I have found the best online photo storage and it's well-integrated with WinXP and Yahoo! So the collections are here:

October 2005
NUS PBMUKS Iftar @ YIH (Search with tags: yih, NUS)
NUS MS Geylang Iftar @ Darul Arqam

September 2005
Lombong pics

To view more of my photos, look here


My stuff

  1. My Lombong Trip Experience
  2. Draft article of NUS and NTU - Is there a better place?
Interesting articles to note
  1. Service - Just gloss won't do for quantum leap in service
Movie Reviews
  1. Big Fish
  2. The Myth


Now that I have a online blog, i better write something?

Photo storage

Books for sale!

For now, I have yet to organise this.

Price (in SGD)

Contact me

s0500660(at) or nasri.najib(at)

Also available on msn, icq n yahoo messenger.
HP/Mobile: (+65) 900-50969

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A few more things...

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