Congratulations to Winson Peh 2002 Singapore Elite Champion!!

Winson Peh (Megamo Radical 20") won the final round of the 2002 BikeTrial Singapore Union Elite Class in Pulau Ubin and along with this win, the 2002 Elite Class Overall Champion.
Ever since enlisting into the Army, a difficult task of training as a soldier and training to compete in the highest level of BikeTrial Competition in Singapore has taken its toll on him. However, despite of the heavy rain that fell on Pulau Ubin on the day of the competition, he rode hard and smooth to a 3rd Victory for the year 2002.

Dani Comas is riding again !!!

While Dani (Equip Pro 20") is working his knee to get the one hundred per cent of power , he rode his first race after medical operation . He rode the last race of Catalunya Championship in Pals . He rode very sweet to evite damage the knee again .
His riding is still very fine , but he will need a lot of training to get enough level to fight World Championship .

Chris Doney a 14 year old Star from the UK