The Homepage of Shakir Basalamah

Name: Shakir bin Bashir Basalamah, a.k.a. Mizukino Toushiro
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Location: Singapore
Hobbies: Playing computer games, reading, dreaming, writing, drawing and contemplating theories ^-^;

December 14 2004

OMG, I have not updated all this while? I'm so lazy... Well, I'm back, and now I've got to do something about this page. Well, the year has been a rough one so far. My academic results have only improved a few bits, but it could have been better. The exams are coming soon. The fic? I ditched it. I felt that I just created a Mary-Sue (maybe no?), or maybe I'm lazy -_-|||?

Erhm! Time to get to work. Less talk, more action v.v!

January 10 2004

=_=''' Waa... got nothin to do but watch Fruits Basket in slow-motion and edit the joint ficcy's drafts. Anyways, new stuff up in the Artwork section - check it out!

January 3 2004

O_O ARGH! CONSPIRACIES! They're everywhere (only available in areas where politics are just like ^&*&@!#()! Guess what? is also filled with conspiracy; just ask Yoshimi-chan!

Yoshimi-chan: *beating the crap out of a punchbag with her Shoyru*

-____________-; Never mind that. Yoshimi-chan, Ruki-chan and I are composing a PKMN fic where a whole lot of characters from various anime are dumped in for the fun of it and we bring our (almost) brilliant minds together to try and create an amazing fic. Hey, I'm an editor! I like editing! ^^; However, I must be careful not to ruin the fic... Bye bye! ^o^

January 1 2004

^o^ HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY! 2004 will be a year of good fortune and will be filled with achievement. I hope you guys have something to think about this new year!

My new year resolutions: Achieve in my examinations, be in the top 10 in my class, rebuild broken friendships, upgrade my comp, improve my artistic skills, find an acting career and be an NCO in Band!!

New Artwork: A drawing of Chibi Toushiro, another random pic and a "Peace Forever" drawing.

December 28 2003 Ahh... welcome! Welcome to my home page! ^^; At last, reading up on a small HTML guide has got me up and going in the world of HTML making! XD

Although this page is officially up and I have lots of artwork and stories to show you, there are just too many of them, so I only provided a few of them.

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Thank you!