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New Section "DEMO THEATER" uploaded.
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Watched the trailers for Twin Snakes and Snake Eater. TS proved to be a worthy remake of the classic but I still hope that it will come back to PS2 platform. SE featured some very nice graphics and ,according to Mr Kojima, a new game engine. The new engine seems to have improved the enemy AI, environmental or background graphics, lighting, sound effects, miscellanous background animation for the birds etc. I noticed that backgrounds are now more interactive as grass bends, tree barks get chipped off by bullets, waters can allow bullets to leave trails ala Matrix.
PSM magazine further confirmed that the character in the trailer is 99% Big Boss himself. Some gamers objected to the change of character after Raiden made a mess outta himself in MGS2 but I think since BB is the clone subject for Snake and his counterparts, he kicks ass harder right? Ain't that good, I say.

But we have a problem here.
WHY is the "Big Boss" in the trailer spotting a mullet head from MGS2 instead of the original MGS Squaretop? I seriously prefer the MGS hairdo.
Glad that Harry Gregson Williams is staying to score the soundtrack.

**Sidetrack**After taking some Photoshop lessons by scorpiox, I learnt to do a "photo collage" of some random MGS pics, as featured in the intro page. Scorpiox's new webby is still under construction and will upload some nice photos from the Singapore Cosfest which happened 060703. The cosplay event was kinda nice and I love the sexy Yuna gal who stood out from the rest wif her "Magic Gunner" costume when the rest fell victims to the "Songstress Fashion disaster". Haha!

I liked the GGXX cosplay team best! They were all very much alike the characters and I loved the way they introduced themselves individually upon hearing a "Pong" sound admist the rock theme background music. Good simulation of the character selection screen. I dun specialize in this phototaking thingy but to let you have a rough idea of what I'm toking about, here's a link.

Also I changed my scrollbar colors if you havn't noticed ; )
School's starting 180803 so I may not have much time to play ard wif websites and flash.


Fixed the problem with my flash menu. Now it's fully operational. Intend to do a Flash intro for main page.Updated my entire site with a new frame outlook. Still in the works.

MGS3 news: 2 new projects under Hideo Kojima, namely MGS:Twin Snakes and MGS3:Snake Eater.
The trailer for MGS3 by now, is already avail for download. Shaocong tipped me off regarding Snake spotting only one eye. Means anything to you? Means that could be Solidus or Big Boss? I dunno. Kojima did said he would like someone else to helm this project before, but it seems that no one ready to take it up, hence he reprised his role as director. The new instalment should make it before 2005.

MGS: TS combines the strong story from MGS1 with MGS2's solid gameplay system, answering all the fans' prayers, since they complained 'bout the weaknesses in both counterparts. What's interesting though is that the project is a joint venture between Konami, Napalm Films and Silicon Knights, forming a "New Genius Collaboration" they name respectively Snake, Dragon and Knight. The official japanese website spots some very cool art and layout, go check it out! Snake being, of course, Konami, Dragon being Chairman of Napalm, Kitamura Ryuhei and Knight, who else, Silicon Knights. Konami will assist SK in the game's programming, while napalm direct the cinemas to bring the game to life-like levels since it specializes in this field. This project surely brings the public's attention to Kitamura's works like "ALIVE", "VERSUS" etc. The product will be a GC exclusive due late 2003.

Man! I hardly talk so much on this site. Anyway this is a first. No, not first hand information, though.


Updated my entire website with the addition of a new Flash menu. Non Flash users can use the Jump menus to navigate better through the pages now : ) Special thanks to my old fren Sing who lent his advocation on this Flash thingy.

Booked my tix for the Matrix Reloaded Opening (not sneak) in Singapore's Shaw Bugis. Special thanks to Weiliang. Btw, his site is up, though very much empty. Very excited about it. erhaps I'll talk about it in my site after I watched it on the 16th , next week.
Will be watching it with 6 other frens. Bet Boon will talk about the movie. Visit his site after, say 17th, for some of his piece of talking about the movie.

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