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Hi! Iam momo,I ave' not updated this site for a long time!Anyways the first year of the millenium was a pretty uneventful year for me and Rock N' Roll :) so nothing much to write really.But this year 2002 has started of well lotta things to share..

I couldn't wait for my favorite band!! The Deep Purple show! and could'nt believe
I would be seeing them live!! in singapore.I Booked my tickets online a month earlier thanks to and was all set to rock!!. Though my girl friend wendy was more a boyband fan!! I wanted to take her along for this unforgetable show.Oh man! was I excited and it's been a week since the show
got over but still can't stop talking about it!

The 70s band as seen here Ian Gillan with Steve Morse performed at Fort Canning on Thursday night 9th may 2002 to a predominantly 300-something crowd.some people fainted. Overall, the older fans felt a little shortchanged because the band played their newer material.

Ian Gillan and Steve Morse


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Why Hakers with a single k don't get Girls
RattleSnake writes: So, you think Computer Geeks, Nerds and - of course - Haxors in the very first place dont get girls because they are ugly, untanned freaks who tend to eat cheese? I have certain good reasons to doubt this. You are insinuating that we are not good enough for that typical little teenager miss, without belly, without brain? It is the other way around and we ourselves don't even realize. Yes, I am going to be mean, yes I am going to be ironic and I am going to ridicule prejudices - but it will make sense in the end.

Cursor Fun

Here's a fun, freeware program that randomly changes the appearance of the mouse cursor. It allows you to choose which cursor to change, what type of cursor to change it to, and how often you'd like to swap the cursor. Cursor Fun is great for playing a trick on an unsuspecting user, or for those who get bored easily with their desktop.160 kilobytes. (For Windows).
World Cup Screen Savers

The FIFA World Cup is just around the corner. This site offers free screen savers that commemorate the world's biggest sporting event, which kicks off May 31. You'll also find free colorful desktop wallpapers that celebrate past FIFA World Cup tournaments. (Available for Windows and Macs).

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Database Application Java (JDK 1.2) Intermediate

The Database Application program will genetrate a simple user Interface to a Database(employee.mdb).I have used an Access database, it is named "employee.mdb".The program will make extensive use of the java swing components, including Buttons, Tabbed P ...(description truncated)(ScreenShot)
Records the information of customers and their orders.
Database Express Javascript
Publish yours text database in Internet without programming !
It is the JavaScript for search data and making inquiries to text database in Internet.
For its work you don't need webserver or additional system resources.
How to read Excel in java Java (JDK 1.2) Intermediate
This article shows a simple ways of accessing spread sheets (such as microsoft excel) in java

How To Use JDBC by Java Java (JDK 1.1) Beginner
Simple Program To Use The JDBC in your java application or applets and how to use some Sql statemtnts to retrive some data.



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