Welcome to my Revamped Web-page !

Halo..finally..my long awaited change for my web-page has been done. Have been learning how to use dreamweaver to do up my page instead of the previous microsoft front-page. However, with the presence of CM4, i find it a little distractive "yeah". Though CM4 is one favourite game of mine, i decided, it's time to do up my webpage and not waste time by procastinating it day by day, so i went to the library to borrow the book for some reference..guess wat..it was my first time after so many years that i borrowed a book from the library. And I was a little ridiculed by the fact that my buddy mingchang had to direct me a little on how to use the automated machine to borrow the library..oh gosh ! "Ma lu" .

Time flies... once again i am reverted back to my civilian status meaning i have ord-ed. Oh my beautiful pink ic..haha. 2 years and 4 months...seemed to be pretty long...mathematically calculated..860 odds days serving National service as a combat bridging engineer at seletar camp. Good days, bad days, i do reminisce the times i had back in 35 SCE..the times we had component trainings, exercises, the sufferings, the " knock-it -down" feeling, the feeling of being an operational man..with all my fellow comrades. When my fellow mono-intake friends left in early january this year, i was wondering..when will be my turn?..agony turned into desperation..dun wanna experience the shit again. But as you know..it was inevitable..the recruits came in march..we had to prepare stuffs like beds and cupboards for them in jan and feb, labourious job.."shagged"..beads of perspiration kept rolling down all over my body. Nevermind i thought, perhaps, trained my "muscles"..physique?! However, the worst thing is that..My 21st birthday falled on the day when the recruits were enlisted. Damn..shit..fish ! Considered me bad luck, however, in return, i got an off the next day though. So far, being in army, aint a bad thing thing, at least i learnt several life skills, i learnt to be independent, learnt how to cherish things that i never used to, learnt to keep myself physically fit, and all-in-all the "sai-kang" that i did really prepare me in all aspects..making me a "all-rounder" in domestic activities..haha

my first ManUtd jersey in my life !

After months of 'rotting' around back at home..here and there... it's finally going to be the end of June. What did i do during this period of time? Some may wonder. Frankly, i have been idling at hm, if not, go for runs, once in a while, meet up with friends, hang around or makan. BUT most of the time, i sleep, i sleep more than being active..me a noctural animal in a making ? Nah, just that i stayed up pretty late at nite so in return, i wake up late loh..just nice..breakfast comes lunch. But soon, this sort of so called carefree, relaxing, slacking life will soon be an end..u should know why. Where's the job the job agencies promise to get for me or rather all of us? Is it a scam? or it is because at that time, we were NSF awaiting ord and they dont give a damn, snubbed us aside like discarded cupboards. From April till now, waiting phone calls to be answered seem futile. Forget it then !.. anyway I got a temporary part time job this coming july, so it is alright. I really need some working experiences and some cash to save and spend.

Soon, it's time to go back to school, it's time for me to go back to books, go back to the schooling life which i had before entering the army. 4th August, the day which i will begin the life of a typical NUS student. Missing 2 yrs and 6 mths of educational life, I feel that there is really a lots of stuffs to catch up, a lots of skills to brush up, a lots of rusty memories needed to be polished. It may seems to be a little hassle, irritating, lazy, slothful but come to think about it, studying life may be fun?! rather than staying back in camp everyday, worrying what will happen to yrself, sign extras? DB? SOLs? saikangs? CSMs chasing after you?.. true to say the least. It's still better to be out, forget about the monthly pathetic salary..though it is meagre but substantial consolation for us NSF, get on with our life, get a degree,find a job, earn money, continue living.


NEW !!!! NEW !!!! NEW !!!!

Okie.. i have just updated my webpage. I have added some photos in the 'army frens' portion, will be adding more photos soon once i get my photos scanned. Will be adding some photos from the NUS engin camp which i will be participate from 24th june to 27th june, hopefully i can snapped a few shots. Updated the music section, added in some of my recommended albums for this year.ok !

So have fun Viewing ! ! !

I welcome feedbacks..so feel free to do so



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