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The Phantom's 'KayPoh' News Network (KPNN)....

LAUGHTER is my best medicine...

Dear Frenz,

I've always believed that laughter will make a person feel good and I try to laugh all the time. Hope you would too.

The Videos here are best viewed on Media Player (videos files may take a while to load.. but trust me.. its worth the wait).. All the videos here have audio. Make sure you have your speakers "ON" to have a Good Laugh... hahahaha....

This is a free website and the bandwith is very limited (what to do... FREE stuffs are like that one mah)... So if there are many people accessing this site at the same time, you may encounter "quota exceeded" problems.. If that happens, close the window and do come back later.

And if you've got any nice funny videos that want to share or post it up here, email them to we'd love to hear from u...


The PhAnToM,
GhOsTrYdEr Club, KPNN
(Kay Poh News Network)

KPNN's Video Archives...

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Kid Beer Vendor

Damn, this kid is good... He'd make a great Stand-Up Comic... If u dun laugh at this one, then I really dunno what u'd laugh at...
German Beer Ad

Sometimes, its all in the name of beer. Really funny beer ad.
Another Beer Ad

WhoaaaaH.... this ad is awesome... outrageously hilarious.

This is a damn good ad... I've of people doing the most ridiculous things when intoxicated... but like this???...
World Cup Fever

Football & pets dun mix... trust me, they really dun mix..
World Cup Fever II

Darn... I already told you football & pets dun mix... Why can't u listen to me???
Classic Goal

Its a freak goal but seriously, that goal was allowed coz its a legitimate goal..
Pepsi Ad - Goal

And talking about goals.. This is a nice Pepsi Ad for the Japan-Korea World Cup 2002.
Another Good Football Ad

Bowling & soccer dun mix... Ha ha ha... Ouch... this one hurts...
Bowling Anyone?

The Bowling Academy's funniest bowling video... Really cool... Someday bowling will be played ths way...
Cell Phone Ad

This ad was done when the first vibrating alert cell phones were introduced..
What Women Want

This is KPNN's version of the movie, "What Women Want" starring Mel Gibson... and tell us if KPNN is cool...
KPNN Sutra

Twisted edition of "Karma Sutra" viewed thru KPNN's lenses..
What Men Do In The Men's Room

The things that men do in the Men's Room... OMG... I fell off the chair on this one...

You are the

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