About Myanmar

Myanmar is Southeast Asia's largest country. Sharing borders with China, Laos and Thailand in the east, and Bangladesh and India in the north, Myanmar has a 2,832 km seaboard with the Indian Ocean to the west and south.

The Ayeyarwady River,  flows for more than 2,000 km through Myanmar, before fanning out in a delta on the south coast. Yangon stands beside one of its many mouths. Central Myanmar is dominated by the Ayeyarwady basin which is shielded by the Rakhine, Chin and Naga Mountains and the Patkai Hills to the west, the Kachin Hills to the north, and the Shan Plateau to the east - which include peaks rising to over 3,000m, and influencing climate. The river's valley and delta are considered one of the most fertile agricultural regions in Asia. Fruit, vegetables and citrus crops grow abundantly on the Shan Plateau. Forest covers more than 50% of  Myanmar's land area. 

Basic Information:
Area: 676,577 sq.km.
Capital: Yangon
Population: 51 million
Language: Myanmar (0fficial) English
Religion: Buddhism


            Myanmar  has  three  seasons;  the  monsoon  or  rainy  season  from  May  to  October;  the  cool  season  from  November  to  February  and  the  hot  season  from  March  to  May.  The average  temperature  ranges  from  32°C  in  central  and  lower  areas  to  21°C  in the  northern  highlands.

Local Time:

GMT +6 1/2


Kyat (Kt) = 100 pyas. Kt. 100,000 is known as a lakh, and Kt 10 million as a crore. Kyat is pronounced like the English word 'chat'.            

Kyat,  made  up  of  100  pyas.  Currency  notes  come  in  the  following  denominations:    K 1,000,  K  500,  K  200,  K  100,  K  90,   K 50, K 45, K 20, K 15,  K  10,  K  5,  K  1  and  coins  K  100,  K 50,  K  10,  K  5,  K  1  and  Pya 50. 


On arrival at Yangon International airport, individual tourists are required to exchange a minimum of US$200 into 200 FECs (Foreign Exchange Certificates). Any unused certificates from this amount cannot be refunded. Visitors booked on an inclusive group tour package are not subject to this requirement, but if they wish, they can also purchase FECs with US Dollars or Sterling. FECs are Myanmar's second legal tender and are issued by the Bank of Myanmar specifically for visiting tourists. They come in denominations equivalent to US$20, 10, 5 and 1. Payment for FECs is only accepted in US Dollars or Sterling, in cash or travellers cheques. (credit cards sometimes accepted) One US Dollar equals one FEC (the Pound Sterling equivalent fluctuates according to the Pound-Dollar variance). FECs can be spent anywhere in the country, or exchanged into kyats at  bureaux de change, hotels and Myanmar Travel and Tour offices. Cash payments can also be made in US Dollars, but only at establishments (eg, hotels, railway stations, and airlines) that have an official license allowing them to accept dollars. 

Credit cards:

Airlines, major hotels and supermarkets accept Visa, Diners Club, American Express.  Check with your credit card company for details for merchant acceptability and other services that may be available.

Travellers cheques:

To avoid additional exchange rate charges, travellers are advised to take travellers cheques in US Dollars or Sterling only.






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