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OK I did lots of updateing today. I added several new events and a new link at the daily freebies section. The events corner is completely different now. But unfortunately, I still haven't finished everything. I will try to finish by tomorrow.:)

Sunday, 16/5/2005,10:21pm

Hey, hope you enjoy the webbie! It took us a long time to get it started again. I've set up two more pages, so now everything is spread out instead of in one place! Don't be afraid to participate.

Saturday, 30/4/2005, 10:25pm


    April 30, 2005
  • Added individual pages
  • Added board advertisements

    April 28, 2005

  • Updated links section and events corner.
  • Added the new members section and suggestions corner.

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  • Username:Faeriedreamsgirl Position:Faerie Queen Preferred name:Ghazal(pronunced as Gezelle)
  • Username:m0otix Position:Fountain Faerie Preferred name:Nikki
  • Username:Hotchic99 Position:Space Faerie Preferred name:Jennifer
  • Username:Da_pengin Position:Soup Faerie Preferred name:Kath
  • Username:eternalprincess Position:Tooth faerie Preferred name:Cassi


Wingless: This is your beginning Rank.
Junior Faerie: You must post at least 30 messages.
Battle Faerie: You must post at least 50 messages.
Island Faerie: You must post at lease 75 messages.
Snow Faerie: You must post at least 100 messages.
Council: You must post at least 125 messages, Donate at least 5K to the guild and most importantly, be very active and commited to the guild.


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Jennifer, Nikki and

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