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Gauge your understanding!

  1. Which of the following are not one of the uses of DNA fingerprinting?

    1. To identify true offspring
    2. To identify the real offenders in criminal cases
    3. To identify unrecognizable corpses
    4. To identify potential husbands or wives

  2. Who discovered the Polymerase Chain Reaction?

    1. Watson Crick
    2. Kary Mullis
    3. Sir Alec Jeffreys
    4. Albert Einstein

  3. What is the correct sequence of steps in performing a Southern Blot?

    1. isolating, cutting, sorting, denaturing, blotting
    2. isolating, sorting, denaturing, blotting, cutting
    3. cutting, blotting, sorting, isolating,denaturing
    4. isolating, cutting, denaturing, sorting, blotting

  4. In which year was DNA fingerprinting first used in criminal prosecution?

    1. 1983
    2. 1984
    3. 1985
    4. 1988

  5. Which of the following is one of the murder victims of the O.J. Simpson case?

    1. Robert Shapiro
    2. Paul Chernoff
    3. Mark Fuhrman
    4. Ronald Goldman


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