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Nuradee, Singapore's very own International Award Winner Singing Duo who have performed in various television variety shows locally & regionally, now opens their very own recording studio for special session of Music Creativity workshop. Grooming adult Composer, Dancer, Actor, Actress, Modelling, DJ, Karaoke Vocal Singing and also conduct for local schools.

Singapore Art Festival

From Ocarina to Tabla,

Nuradee's Unique Style of Music Will Get you Moving to their Rhythm.

If all the instruments in the world suddenly got burnt in a fire, Nuradee would still be able to hold a concert. Simply because their harmony is just too enigmatic to get burnt in a fire! Let's hear it for one of Singapore's very own harmony artists!

The brotherly duo of Nuradee performing hit songs from their albums, complemented by a team of musicians that provide an eclectic accompaniment ranging from a tabla to an acoustic guitar to erhu.

Nuradee, comprising of brothers Mohd Rasid and Mohd Noor, had been in the local music scene since 1987 and is a prime example of how time can only improve a person. Their performance is nothing short of captivating as they belt out smooth sounds characteristic of their harmonious singing.

Audience will be treated to a rejuvenating live performance with special appearance by young and old internationally recognised ethnic percussionist. They will also be accompanied by distinctive traditional instrumentalist Maniam (Tabla Indian Percussion), Kamarul Bahri (Traditional Malay Instruments), Atman (Ocarina Italian Instrument) and Lim Meng Chau Erhu (Chinese Instrument) with their style of voice blending ala R&B singers, provided a refreshing touch to the Singapore Arts Festival 2004 which is already strong on unique Ethnic performances.

Nuradee's wish of doing the dynamics of multiculturalism with the four instrumentalists finally comes true as they perform together on Nuradee's multi racial fusion of their English, Chinese and Malay songs. They will be pleased, proud and honoured to be given the chance to perform at the Singapore Arts Festival 2004.

Indeed, Nuradee themselves have done the local music industry proud by winning awards such as the Best Foreign Language Album award organised by JJJ Radio Station in Melbourne, Australia. They were also interviewed by John Field from BBC Radio 4 for their receiving extensive airplay in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

"We want to promote poems and music from Singapore's varied cultural heritage," they said in a previous interview for the web, "but most of all, we want to make music that pleases (people)."

Clearly Nuradee had more than 'pleased' the music crowd at home for they were awarded 'The Most Popular Local Artiste by Radio Ria 89.7 FM' in 1997. Their popularity was obvious through the hearty cheers and enthusiastic applause given by the responsive audience as they perform their familiar hit songs during their live performance in Suria Channel.

Singapore Arts Festival 2004 also holds a surprise, for Nuradee will perform one of their newer hit songs, with a twist. Viewers will be treated to an innovative presentation of the inspirational song.

The show will hits a high-note at the end as Nuradee closes the half-hour mini-concert with an energetic performance complete with rousing audience participation, guaranteed to leave you still tapping your feet to the beat long after the end credits roll of the programme.


NURADEE Brothers Mohd Rasid, a former classical guitar student from Yamaha Music School and Mohd Noor, a graduate in Audio Engineering from Middlesex University, Australia, have been in the scene since 1987. They took a basic course in vocal singing. The founder of Substation, Kuo Pao Kun then discovered their talent.

In 1992, their involvements as a professional musician group get started as their “TEKAD” album sold about 165,000 copies and became the 1st Malay group to come out with a unique concept which eventually caught this region especially Malaysia market by surprise.

Their repertoire of English and Malay music has gained them attention and fans locally as well as abroad. Their music is the result of experimenting with traditional and modern instruments such as the ocarina and guitar. In addition to that, their lyrics are often poems penned by prominent Asian poets. Nuradee aims to promote poems and music from Singapore's varied cultural heritage but most of all is to make 'music that pleases'.

They have since released three Malay albums and three English singles. They have also won an award for Best Foreign Language Album organised by JJJ Radio Station in Melbourne, Australia. Nuradee was also interviewed by John Field from BBC Radio 4 as an artiste that has gotten the most airplay in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The well-known duo in Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia, is famous for their English singles “I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW”, Mandarin singles “WO WHIE TAO CHE KE TI PANG” and many other Malay songs they produced. Not only that, these duo brothers could also produce world-class theme songs.

It was proven when they got the “PROMAX SILVER AWARD” from Miami in 2001 for Mediacorpstudio’s Suria Channel’s theme song & also another award in the same year that is from New York for being top five in the world for theme song titled “GARA-GARA E.” Nuradee latest achievement is when they launched an album called “GENERASI GEMILANG” late last year.

This is a joined project by Mendaki & Mediacorpradio’s WARNA 94.2 who funded the album with the advisory of our Deputy Prime Minister BG (NS) Lee Hsien Loon.

Subsequently did some project with Martin Tang (Coco Lee’s arranger) and also with Air Supply’s Guitarist Rex Goh. They did some community project for organisation like NKF, MUIS, and MENDAKI and just completed some audio project for Ministry of Education as they are known for their ability to do wonderful jingles. Currently goes to schools to conduct workshops in music creativity and education.


1987 & 91 Pesta Sajak organised by Warna Radio, Singapore

1992 Launching of their debut album, "TEKAD"

1993 Released an English single entitled "Flaming Star" in a compilation of various artistes entitled "Singapore Tribute to Elvis"

1994 Participated in compilation album by various artistes with song entitled "I Can See Clearly Now"

1995 Contributed a song, "Eleanor Rigby" in compilation of album entitled "Skin Deep"

1996 Given the honour to collaborate with Taiwanese artistes in an album, "E Chi Ban" with a Mandarin song called "I Am Still Here"

1997 Awarded The Most Popular Local Artiste by Radio Ria 98.7 FM, Singapore

1998 They were invited to attend a United Nation campaign in Sarawak.

1998 Released their third album "Harapan Doa Dan Restu"

2000 Sang theme song for National Kidney Foundation with veteran singer, Ramli Sarip.


ATMAN started playing the ocarina since 1987. In the early 1990's he studied fine arts at the La Salle College of Art but decided to pursue his love for music instead. He began experimenting with sound and visual in his performances and explored various media including performance art and sound installations. In autumn of 1991, he went to Budrio in Italy to further his knowledge in the ocarina and its origin.

Throughout his involvement in the arts scene, ATMAN has irnmersed himself in the integral conception of sound, spirituality, and philosophy. This has helped him to embody the concept of his approach to his music, which addresses the issue of totality and harmony in living. Stories of our daily lives are also depicted in his music in the form of melodies. In his own words, 'Such depiction plays with the varied range of our emotions to bring us closer to our feelings and to harmoniously blend our mind and our hearts with the mind and the hearts of others. Thus creating an emphatic aura surrounding our lives and bringing us closer to the state of healing and rejuvenation".

Prior to the coming of the new millennium, ATMAN released an album entitled "Manifest" which was a compilation of 10 of his original compositions. The album was produced by Kitho popularly known as Ricky Ho, a well-respected producer of many top Taiwan and Hongkong singers as well as an award winning film composer. The album was meticulously crafted with the highest artistic endeavour and the songwriting/arranging team of ATMAN and Kitho has indeed produced an Ethnic New Age album with an international appeal.

ATMAN has currently finished recording his upcoming album featuring beautiful classical melodies in modern style, which will be released in Taiwan sometime in 2004. He has also recorded the theme song for a Taiwanese/Korean TV series which was produced by Kitho and now enjoying popular rating in Taiwan.


MANIAM, 1999 Compass Artistic Excellence Award recipient, Mr M S Maniam has about 43 years of experience in the entertainment scene of music and dance, playing all sorts of percussion instruments - African, Chinese, Indian, Latin, Malay. He worked with major recording artistes and his works have been used in TV, radio, records and CDs. He is still constantly doing recording with artistes from Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong.Mr M S Maniam receiving his award and prize from the hands of COMPASS Chairman, Mr Chang Kwai Ming.

Left picture: Mr M S Maniam receiving his award and prize from the hands of COMPASS Chairman, Mr Chang Kwai Ming.

He has even been invited to accompany the performances of many big names, including local celebrities Dick Lee, Jacinta, Kit Chan, Eric Moo, Anita Sarawak and foreign celebrities like Sandy Lam of Hong Kong and The Boom of Japan in their performances and concerts. His extensive musical career has brought him over almost 78 countries worldwide including the States, UK, Japan, Europe and the Asean Countries.

He was voted the Best Tabla percussionist from 1993 to 1995 by various Singapore Indian Organisations and was appointed as a member of the National Arts Council "Sing Singapore" Committee in 1998.

He has spent 11 years with Zouk and Velvet Underground as the resident percussionist performing with International DJs from UK, USA, Hong Kong, Japan, Spain playing techno, tribal, garage, breakbeats, Hip Hop and 'Mambo-Jambo'.

His colourful career has also landed him roles in various TV & Video Commercials for MTV Asia, Myojo Mee, Discovery Channel and Ministry of Community Development. Maniam also provided 'Live' percussion and rhythms for many National Day Parades and Chingay processions.

He is a member of City Rhythms, Heart Beat Percussion Band and has his own band "Ethnic Tribe". He is also the founder and adviser for the Singapore Food Festival's "Pots and Pans" Orchestra.

Despite his busy schedule, he still finds time to nurture aspiring young musicians by giving tutorials at the National University of Singapore's Centre for Musical Activities.


KAMARULBAHRI is a 25 year old native of north-eastern Malaysian state of Kelantan, a state renown for its traditional Malay performing arts and ritual healing, such as Mak yong, Menora, Dikir Barat, Wayang Kulit and Main Peteri.

Mr Mohd Kamarulbahri Hussin was exposed an early age to these traditional arts and ritual through his father who is an exponent of Main Peteri, the art of ritual healing. When he was in his teen, he could already play the traditional Malay musical instrument such as the Gendang, Rebab, Gong and Serunai. Beside that he also learns how to be a Dalang (Shadow Play) with the late Pak Hamzah Awang Amat (National Laureate and Fukuoka Culture Prise), Pak Nasir Yusoff and Pak Ibrahim Senik.

Diploma in Music from the Akademi Seni Kebangsaan (ASK). The National Arts Academy of Malaysia. He majors in Malay Percussions and Western.

He was the Music Director for modern theatre productions such as Normah Nordin’s Penyerahan Puteri, Japrin Kapis’s Bagaton and Shukor Yon’s Gelanggang Tok Wali as well as traditional theatre productions such as ASK’s Mak Yong Anak Raja Bongsu Sakti.

He was also involved as a musician, in various theatre productions; as a percussionist in classical orchestra such as Malaysia Filharmonic Orchestra, RTM Orchestra and gamelan concerts as well as a back-up vocal (Raihan). He was also backed many artistes such as Tan Sri S.M Salim, Zainal Abidin, M. Nasir, Ziana Zain, Ning Baizura, Siti Nurhaliza, Salleh Yaakub, Noranieza Idris, Ramli Sarip, Sadao Watanabe (Japan), Michael and Victor (Taiwan), Djaduk Ferianto “Kua Etnika” (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) and Collaboration project “WINDOW TO ASIA” (Hanoi, Vietnam).

Mohd. Kamrulbahri is also a part-time music instructor (Wayang Kulit) at the National University of Malaysia (UKM) for students taking music as their elective subject, tutor at Akademi Seni Kebangsaan (ASK). He also teach Pergendangan Melayu (Malay Percussions) at University Putra Malaysia (UPM) and University Teknologi Mara (UiTM).

Get you Moving with Rhythm in Harmony

For more information please call Adee (90281245) or Zoso (96466735).

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