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A water sport that according to legend, originated in China, during the Warring States Period [403-221 BC]. Races are held in boats shaped to resemble celestial Chinese dragons. With two rows of paddlers, one on each side of the boat, a drummer and a coxswain to guide the boat, the two most common boat sizes can accommodate either 12 or 24 paddlers.

Dragonboating is a sport that is deeply rooted in tradition, yet still maintains a strong presence in our modern world. In Singapore, two races are held annually, the Singapore International Dragon Boat Festival in early June to coincide with the traditional Chinese Dragonboat Festival (or Dumpling Festival, as it is known to the more gastronomically-inclined) and the Singapore River Regatta at the end of November.

Teams battle for the chance to win the much coveted gold medals in these fiercely competitive races, where all eyes are on the finish line, and victory is fueled by adrenaline and determination.

We at the National University of Singapore (NUS) have had a long history of dragonboating, with an equally impressive tally of medals to our name. Almost all of us enter the sport with no prior knowledge or experience of dragonboating and leave with an enduring passion for the sport. More importantly, we gain a close group of friends, bound by ties of strong friendship and shared experiences.

We always welcome new paddlers at all levels of experience and fitness, so if you are a student of NUS in search of a fulfilling, exciting and thoroughly rewarding activity, feel free to get in touch with us!

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